Key Details

Host Johns Hopkins University
Location Hodson Hall, 3rd Floor Board Room, Baltimore, MD (see map)
Dates July 27-29, 2017


Poster/Flash-Talk Titles and Abstracts

Invited Speaker Titles and Abstracts


Up-to-date Schedule

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The agenda below is subject to change. Please check the links above for updated information.

Thursday July 27th

Friday July 28th

Saturday July 29th

Poster/Flash-Talk Groups

Groups are organized approximately alphabetically.

  • Group 1
    • Joseph Antonelli, Bhaswar Bhattacharya, Thomas Berrett, Shih-Kang Chao, Yang Chen, Yinghan Chen, Abhirup Datta, Jyotishka Datta, Ethan Fang, Irina Gaynanova
  • Group 2
    • Yuwen Gu, Kory Johnson, Edward Kennedy, Hyeonju Kim, Dehan Kong, Lynn Lin, Lan Liu, Shelley Liu, Xialu Liu, Jianxuan Liu, Sooie-Hoe Loke
  • Group 3
    • Abhishek Chakrabortty, Qing Mai, Himel Mallick, Elizabeth McGuffey, Katherine McLaughlin, Amanda Mejia, Caleb Miles, Jeff Miller, Jessica Minnier, Jiyoun Myung, Daniel Nevo, Yang Ni
  • Group 4
    • Yunlong (Ben) Ni, Subhadeep Paul, Samuel Pimental, Thomas Porter, Wanli Qiao, Anna Quach, Benjamin Risk, Lindsay Rutter, Mauricio Sadinle, Abolfazl Safikhani, Ville Satopaa Satopaa, Martin Slawski
  • Group 5
    • Lucia Tabacu, Dootika Vats, Samuel Wong, Guan Yu, Jing Zhang, Qi Zhang, Xin Zhang, Yan (Dora) Zhang, Ni Zhao



Conference participants will be staying at the Inn at The Collonade Baltimore.

Restaurant Recommendations

Friday evening the NRC participants are encouraged to venture out to enjoy some local restaurants. A few neighborhoods to check out include

  • Charles Village – The area to the east of the Homewood campus has a number of restaurants that cater to students.
  • Remington – The area to the south of campus has many new restaurants (including R House) as well as some old favorites.
  • Hampden – The area up the hill to the west of campus is a quirky neighborhood with lots of options primarily along 36th Street.
  • Mount Vernon – Farther south, past Penn Station, is the Mount Vernon neighborhood which has many good restaurants alongside some great museums and small musical venues.

Some other neighborhoods to check out in Baltimore include Fells Points and Federal Hill which are near the Inner Harbor where the Convention Center is located. There are plenty of great options in those areas that you can enjoy tonight or over the course of JSM.

Below is list of recommended restaurants in some of these areas (put together by Keith Levin). Please keep your receipts in order to be reimbursed later. We also recommend staying in groups and taking a cab, Uber, or Lyft if you are venturing far from campus.

Charles Village/Remington

  • Tambers – Indian and diner food
  • Paper Moon – diner food, with lots of wacky stuff on the walls
  • R House – food stalls and a bar
  • One World – bar and coffee shop serving vegetarian food
  • Clavel – Upscale Mexican cuisine


  • De Kleine Duivel – Belgian beer hall
  • Bluebird – craft cocktails
  • Souvlaki – Greek food
  • Golden West – Mexican by way of California
  • Grano – Italian
  • Food Market – new American food
  • Cafe Cito – Spanish food

Mt Vernon

  • Akbar’s – Indian
  • Indigma – Indian
  • Minato – Japanese
  • Brewer’s Art – new American, craft beer
  • Dukem – Ethiopian
  • Homeslyce – pizza
  • Sugarvale – cocktails
  • Tapas teatro – tapas
  • pen and quill – new American, oyster bar
  • The Helmand – Afghani food

Maps and Directions

The conference will be held in Hodson Hall in the 3rd Floor Board Room.

The map below provides directions from the hotel to Hodson Hall.

Maps and Directions for JHU

Conference Details

The 19th Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probability will be happening in Baltimore this year during its usual time right before JSM. The purpose of the conference is to promote interaction and networking among new researchers in statistics and probability.

Host Johns Hopkins University
Location Hodson Hall, 3rd Floor Board Room, Baltimore, MD (see map)
Dates July 27-29, 2017
  • Elizabeth Ogburn
    • Department of Biostatistics, Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Vince Lyzinski
    • Department of Applied Math and Statistics, Whiting School of Engineering

Off-site Organizers

  • Daniel Sussman
    • Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University
  • Alexander Volfovsky
    • Department of Statistical Science, Duke University

Funding The meeting is graciously supported by the

  • National Science Foundation (DMS-1623541),
  • Office of Naval Research (N00014-17-1-2512),
  • National Institutes of Health (1 R13 CA221378-01), and
  • Google.


If you have been accepted to participate in 2017’s NRC, please submit your title, abstract, and flash talk slide using the link below.

Deadline: July 24, 2017
If you fail to meet the deadline you risk being left out of the program.

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