Welcome to the Institute for Mathematical Statistics’ New Researchers Group site. This site is designed to provide guidance and resources for young researchers in statistics. If that sounds like you, have a look around.

We have resources for graduate students, advice for finding job, teaching, and grants. If you want to learn more about attending conferences or life as a faculty you can find that here too.

Right now, there is a lot of construction for the site so you’ll probably find some things missing. That’s why the biggest thing we’re looking for right now is to have people contribute to this site. Those of you who attended the New Researchers Conference this year are highly encouraged to either submit a blog post or contribute to one of the pages here. If you have an idea for something missing than we can incorporate now.

Many of the pages here also have a place where you can comment so we would love to see people discussing some of the advice and information provided. Finally, for a more general discussion take a look at our Forum.